Economic Development

Early Industries - The first industries in Patrick were water-powered mills, located on Juniper Creek and a tributary. These mills were operated to grind corn, gin cotton, and produce turpentine. Several small saw and shingle mills also operated in this vicinity in the early decades of Patrick.

Chesterfield County established an Economic Development Board which exists to assist new and existing businesses and to help locate and expand industry.

Taxes The sales tax rate is 7.00%. Income tax is 6.00%.

U.S. Post Office, Patrick, SC

Vital Statistics

Year Established - 1900
Postmaster - Kay Radcliff
Postmaster's Career Service - 20 Years
Annual Mail Delivered - 2,800,000
Number of Employees - 6
Number of Routes - 2
Miles Driven Daily - 178
Number of PO Boxes - 960
Total Deliveries Per Day - 1270
Annual Financial Contribution
   to the Community
- $75,838.00 (Operating Costs)

Annual Tax Dollars Received - $0.00

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